Who The Heck is Andy?


 Andy loves Lovewhip

LovewhipIt’s a fact, Andy is a huge Lovewhip fan!  He has been to many Lovewhip concerts and enjoys all of their music.  If you are going to a Lovewhip concert, you may see Andy there.

Here are a few facts about this incredible band out of Boston:

• Boston Music Award winners and five-time nominees
• Independent Music Award winners (sponsored by the Musician’s Atlas)
• 16,000+ fans on Myspace worldwide and growing every day!
• Rated #1 electro band in Boston on Myspace
• “Show Your Love” featured on the MTV show Pageant Place
• “Virtual Booty Machine” heard on the hit TV show Veronica Mars

Lovewhip is dance music. The Boston Globe exclaims “Lovewhip has a celebratory and upbeat feel that has kept crowds dancing everywhere they play!” Part of Boston’s underground but up-and-coming electro scene, Lovewhip creates a live show that is rooted in fun with the passionate vocals and dance moves of the “soulful electro-rock diva” (says the Boston Phoenix) Erin Harpe a.k.a. Empress Erin, able to get any room going by shaking her infamous booty...


Andy is not the only one who is infatuated, check out what others are saying:

“It’s an electro dance martini. Take a few shots of synth, pour on reggae and funk drums, shake, shake, shake and serve over rockin’ guitar lines.”
- Kerry Purcell, Boston Herald


“Lovewhip has a celebratory and upbeat feel that has kept crowds dancing everywhere they play. Lovewhip can whip up some of the most feverish dance rhythms in the city.”
-Steve Morse, Boston Globe



“Lovewhip, that danceable mélange of calypso and African beats, fell through a breach in the space/time continuum and emerged as dance club mavens. Circa 1982. Virtual Booty Machine is pulsing with beats, synths, samples, and loops. They've replaced Tiki dolls and palm trees with strobe lights and disco balls!”
-Lexi Kahn, Noise Magazine

“Finally, a digable groovin' disc is circulating [Virtual Booty Machine]. Lovewhip knows what people are thirsty for and meets the need by quenching the soul track after track!”
-Theresa Orlando, www.femalemusician.com

“These four original songs have a funk element to the music that makes each and every song prime dancefloor material. Overall, this is a very interesting release. Lovewhip have certainly carved out a unique niche here, combining reggae, funk, rock and electropop to make a very distinctive sound... Recommended!”
-Jason Baker, www.synthpop.net

“Melding ska/reggae rhythms and bass with techno pop is an inspired idea. This one is awfully fun. Excellent for shaking the booty.”
-Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting



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